Aaron Hequembourg

First Blog

  As I prepare for the next to last show for 2010, the Savannah TelFair Museum Show Nov. 13th-14th, having the van loaded before midnight I thought I would begin my effort to keep an active blog on my website. I've nearly activated a newly purchased laptop in hopes of being able to update this blog as I travel the country from art show to art show. When I catch up with the technology that I've paid for my plan is to divide entries posted here into; farm life- exploits of raising four children on a 200-year-old farm,work life- the finding of materials and how they go together,road life- what I see,who I meet, what happens when I take my work off of the farm and how folks like it.

   The images I've added are a; photograph I staged of my youngest son Walter(quite a soccer player and quite a fishing enthusiast) age 5, and then the resulting painting nearly 4 feet wide by 4 1/2 feet tall. Beginning with the new series of paintings of hands I've started to stage images of local people who's hands have worked very hard for a long time. With all of those "models" I've paid them 10% every time one of their images sell, this has brought new interest in my work from my children, especially since a painting of Walter's sister Hart sold at Kentuck in Northport Al. Now the entire staff wants to have an active roll in the creative process.